Enjoy any of our 1 to 4 hour Safari trails in the breathtaking jroud of Aaqoura.
Price: 70$/hour/car(4 people)


Hiking Trails (with pick ups where applicable)
- [ ] Assafir-Salib: 8 km. Medium to easy. 100$/group of 4 (pick up included)

- [ ] Assafir-Yammouneh: 7 km. Medium to easy. 100$/group of 4 (pick up included)

- [ ] Jroud-Mar Adna: 5 km. Easy. 50$/group of 10

- [ ] Jroud-Hebes: 5 km. Easy-Medium-Easy. 50$/group of 8.

- [ ] Jroud-Mar Youhanna: 6 km. Easy-Hard-Easy. 50$/group of 5
<br.- [ ] Qarn-Jroud: 5 km. Easy. 50$/group of 5 (pick up included)

- [ ] Qarn-Rechmeh: 8 km. Medium-Hard-Easy. 100$/group of 5 (pick up included)

- [ ] Qarn-Ain El Lebneh: 11 km. Easy. 100$/group of 4 (pick up included)

- [ ] Qarn-Ain Rouma-Jroud: 13 km. Easy-Medium-Easy. 100$/group of 4 (pick up included)

- [ ] Wadi Dabbour Natural Reserve***: 9 km. Easy. 120$ group of 4 (drop off and pick up included)


Take a 30 minute Safari ride to reach and discover our private and mesmerizing Ain El Lebneh Grotto, the 4th deepest cave in Lebanon, and one of the most beautiful underground miracles of nature, with stalagmites, stalactites, curtains, straws and underground waterfalls (7 m high)…that will bedazzle you in darkness. Price: 40$/prs (>12 yrs old), minimum 3 ppl, maximum 7 ppl, including transportation, guide & equipment.

Cultural Tour of Aaqoura

A historical and cultural guided tour of 5 amazing Aaqoura landmarks, including the oldest Maronite church that dates back to the 4th century. Price: 80$/group of 8

Cold Water River Swimming

Experience the rush of dopamine (the happiness hormone) in our 7°C river waters and let it alleviate your inflammations while enhancing your overall immune system. Price (transportation & guide): 20$/group of 4


Embark on a one-hour safari journey through jroud Aaqoura to reach the sprawling 1 km long Yammouneh lake, where you can partake in a one-hour kayaking adventure. Price: 260$/group of 4.